Molecular Probes Prolong Gold Antifade Reagent

Dec 13, 2018  · Introduction. Analogous to the widely studied epigenome, generation of the “epitranscriptome” through chemical modification of ribonucleosides expands the regulatory content intrinsic within mRNAs (Roundtree et al., 2017).Occurring in all four nucleobases, over 140 ribonucleoside modifications have been reported in prokarya, archaea, and eukarya (Boccaletto et.

Mar 14, 2019  · Within the microenvironment of the stomach tissue, gastric epithelial cells have complex interactions with other cell lineages. These components.

After being washed with ice-cold PBS, slides were mounted with Prolong Gold antifade reagent with DAPI (Molecular Probes, Eugene, OR, USA). Confocal microscopy was performed with an Olympus IX70.

The sections were washed again with PBST and the nucleus stained with DAPI (Molecular Probes, Eugene, OR). After a final wash with one change of PBST, and one wash in PBS, the sections were.

Slides were washed with PBS before secondary staining with antibodies or probes including streptavadin-Alexa546. Slides were mounted using ProLong Gold Antifade Reagent (Invitrogen). Images were.

Coverslips were mounted on microscope slides using ProLong Gold Antifade Reagent (Molecular Probes). Confocal imaging was performed using a LSM780 confocal laser scanning microscope (Zeiss, Jena,

Loss of function mutations in the nuclear inner membrane protein, emerin, cause X-linked Emery-Dreifuss. coverslips were mounted in PBS with ProLong Gold Antifade reagent (Molecular Probes/Life.

Samples were mounted using ProLong Gold antifade reagent (molecular probes; P36934). Spinal cord sections were prepared by fixation of adult spinal cords in 4% PFA for 24 h, followed by incubation in.

followed by counterstaining with Hoechst (Molecular Probes). Samples were mounted with ProLong Gold antifade reagent (Life Technologies) and imaged on a confocal microscope (Leica TCS SP2 AOBS).

Finally, the cells were washed with PBST and mounted using the Prolong Gold antifade reagent (Molecular Probes, Invitrogen). Fluorescent images were observed using a fluorescence microscope, and.

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Subsequently, the cells were incubated with the appropriate secondary antibodies conjugated to Alexa Fluor 488, Alexa Fluor 594 or Alexa Fluor 633 (1:250, Molecular Probes, Eugene, OR, USA). Next, the.

Invitrogen Proprietary and Confidential Protecting the fluorescence signal from CLFS 619-A at University of Maryland

Oct 16, 2013  · To test if the ethynyl-labeled genomes were incorporated into viruses, we grew HAdV-C5 in human bronchial epithelial A549 cells in the presence of 2.5 μM EdC and EdA for 72 hr and isolated the viruses from cells by double CsCl density gradient centrifugation.

To localize F-actin, some specimens were stained with Texas Red-phalloidin (3.3 µM, Molecular Probes, USA) for 20 min at 37 °C. Nuclei were labelled with DAPI (0.1 μg/ml in 0.9% NaCl) and cells were.

A molecular mechanism and an identified therapy have remained. Once dry, the slides were coverslipped and mounted with ProLong Gold antifade reagent containing 4′,6′-diamidino-2-phenylindole.

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probe 3 (10 μM) in water for 1 h, then (a) washed with auto buffer in triplicate for 5 min intervals, (b) incubated with Image-IT FX Signal Enhancer (Invitrogen, Eugene, USA) for 15 min and washed three additional times, and (c) submerged in ProLong Gold Antifade Reagent (Invitrogen, Eugene, USA).

Cells were washed, incubated with Alexa Fluor-conjugated secondary antibodies (1:1,000; Molecular Probes) and mounted in ProLong Gold Antifade Reagent with DAPI (Life Technologies). For actin staining.

ProLong Gold Antifade Mountant is a liquid mountant applied directly to fluorescently labeled cell or tissue samples on microscope slides. It contains chemical components designed to protect fluorescent dyes from fading (photobleaching) during fluorescence microscopy experiments, and delivers this p

Slides were mounted with ProLong Gold Antifade with 4′,6-diamidino-2-phenylindole (Molecular Probes). Antibodies and antibody concentrations. performed 2 days after seeding using EdU Click iT.

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probe 3 (10 μM) in water for 1 h, then (a) washed with auto buffer in triplicate for 5 min intervals, (b) incubated with Image-IT FX Signal Enhancer (Invitrogen, Eugene, USA) for 15 min and washed three additional times, and (c) submerged in ProLong Gold Antifade Reagent (Invitrogen, Eugene, USA).

ProLong Gold antifade reagent (Molecular Probes Inc.). Confocal Microscopy. Fluorescent specimens were. viewed and confocal micrographs were taken using a Zeiss LSM 510 Meta Axioplan 2 laser scanning confo-cal microscope (Carl Zeiss Inc.) equipped with argon and helium-neon lasers and Plan-Apochromat 63X/1.4

The cells had been incubated initial with principal antibodies and with secondary antibodies conjugated with Alexa- 546 (reddish) and Alexa-488 (green; both from Molecular Probes, Inc., Eugene, OR). Prolong-Gold Antifade reagent with DAPI (blue; Invitrogen) was used to counterstain the DNA.

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RtxA1 was immunostained green with polyclonal anti‐RtxA1 antibody and followed by Alexa Fluor 488‐conjugated anti‐rabbit IgG secondary antibody. The HeLa cells mounted with a ProLong® gold antifade reagent (Molecular probes) were observed using a laser scanning confocal microscope (Radiance 2100, BIO‐RAD). V.

ProLong Gold does not require secondary sealing, unlike the old ProLong, unless you archive the slides. If you don’t secondary seal the edges, then after several months of storage of the slide it will start to have a golden appearance to the edges (where it has oxidized the antifade components).

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probe 3 (10 μM) in water for 1 h, then (a) washed with auto buffer in triplicate for 5 min intervals, (b) incubated with Image-IT FX Signal Enhancer (Invitrogen, Eugene, USA) for 15 min and washed three additional times, and (c) submerged in ProLong Gold Antifade Reagent (Invitrogen, Eugene, USA).

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from Molecular Probes (Invitrogen, Eugene, OR) for1hatroom temperature, washed and mounted with a drop of Prolong Gold Antifade Reagent with DAPI from Molecular Probes, Invitrogen. Cells were observed using a FLUOVIEW FV1Oi confocal micro-scope (Olympus American, Melville, NY).

Secondary antibodies: anti-rabbit Alexa-568, anti-mouse Alexa-488 and anti-rabbit Alexa-488 (1:200, Molecular Probes). Samples were mounted in Prolong Gold antifade reagent (Molecular Probes).

munoResearch), Alexa Fluor 647 (Molecular Probes, Invitrogen), or Alexa Fluor 488 (Molecular Probes, Invitrogen). The secondary an-tibodies were incubated for 1 h. Sections were mounted and stained with Prolong-Gold Antifade reagent with DAPI (Molecular Probes, Invitrogen). The slides were then analyzed with a Leica TCS SP5

After posthybridization washes, nuclei were counterstained with 20 ng/ml DAPI (Sigma) in PBS/0.05% Tween-20 and mounted in Prolong Gold antifade reagent (Molecular Probes). The R package can be.

SUM149PT cells were incubated at 37°C for 30 min with Ringer’s solution containing 3 mM FURA-2-AM (fura-2-acetoxymethyl ester; Molecular Probes, Eugene. The cells were fixed with ProLong ® Gold.

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the Alexa-488 or Alexa-568-conjugated secondary antibodies (Molecular Probes, Invitrogen) were added for 1 h. Cells were mounted in ProLong Gold Antifade Reagent (Invitrogen) and imaged using the.

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Visible light can be used to examine C. elegans, however, in general, bright field and phase-contrast microscopy offers little contrast- making cells and their major components difficult to see.DIC microscopy, however, allows high contrast images to be formed, and is ideal for examining nuclei, nucleoli, and granular structures within C. elegans cells (Sulston and Horvitz, 1977; Sulston et al.

The coverslips were washed and mounted onto microscope slides with ProLong Gold antifade reagent with DAPI mounting medium (Molecular Probes). Fluorescent images were captured on a Nikon TE-2000.

National Starch & Chemical, IMAGING TOOLS Image-iT FX signal enhancer and Prolong Gold antifade reagent improve the. Both are supplied as 10 mL of ready-to-use.

(Molecular Probes) diluted in blocking solution, and the nuclei were stained with DAPI. After the cells were washed four times in TBS, they were mounted onto glass slides with ProLong Gold Antifade.